The Institute provides the following services to the wider business community worldwide

  • Enquiry Circulation Service: The IIPL regularly receives enquiries for assistance from business, entrepreneurs and inventors which are freely distributed to members
  • Training and Education: Having the expertise needed is crucial in this demanding sector and so the IIPL has developed its own professional practise Certificate in Intellectual Property Licensing Practice
  • Speakers for Events: Our Fellows and their connections regularly contribute to Seminars, Workshops and debate on topics of especial relevance to economic growth through licensing
  • Expert Witnesses: Where called on our members offer specialist services for arbitration, enquiries and proceedings
  • Mediation: For dispute resolution over licence disputes where the parties benefit from an experienced umpire for help in resolving licensing issues

For further details please contact us.

What Licensing Practitioners Do

  • Assessment of IP: Identifying and appraising client’s intellectual property, providing reports and recommendations often leading to new business growth
  • New Opportunity and Freedom to Operate Searches: Reporting on the likely commercial success of a prospective innovation thus providing a sound basis for continuing to invest or to re-evaluate
  • Establishing Licences and Agreements: where commercial and technical expertise will make the most of the client’s property and so provide tangible benefits for the client including financial return.
  • IP Valuations; Achieving often the vital underpinnings of financial value for the purposes of investment, exploitation and exit sales
  • Negotiations: Dealing with commercially sensitive and high level discussions between entities often securing agreement by means of skilful facilitation
  • Licence Management: Managing a client’s IP under licence not only monitors performance and accounts for receipts but also manages risk and maintenance