Our members are engaged in many professions including law, business consultancy, research, project management, engineering, accountancy, procurement, marketing, sales and more.

As the first of its kind in the Western world we formed in 1969 as the National Institute of Licensing Practitioners, became International in 1975 and at this jubilee year celebrate our 50 years by becoming the Institute of Intellectual Property Licensing, under which banner we trust to achieve readier understanding of our focus in the internet age.

Our aim is to promote the better exploitation of IP and the promotion and practise of licensing in all its forms. We exist to serve the interests of our members and IP holders alike in advancing the understanding, use and economic benefits of licensing as a critical business method.

We are a fully operational professional body regulated by a strict Code of Conduct with members drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds such as: design, accountancy, law, engineering, marketing, patenting, research and many more, all of whom have a need to employ licensing in their business activities.

For more information, please take a look at the online document "Our Institute and its Origins" lodged in our Knowledge Vault